All breeds and sizes welcome, dedicated appointment times & low stress techniques to ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed. Call or text Mindi for an appointment!

  • 20+ years’ experience in the grooming industry
  • All dogs get faces washed with tear-free shampoo
  • Each dog receives individual attention during grooming
  • Low stress drying techniques used to effectively dry dogs
  • Spacious kennels available to keep dogs safe and comfortable while waiting
  • Temperature controlled environment to keep dogs comfortable in all weather
  • Quick appointment turnaround time
  • Flea baths available
  • All breed grooming
  • All full grooms include bath, pads, nails, anal glands, coat conditioner & brush

Call or text Mindi at (253) 820-6028 for an appointment.

Dog Grooming by Mindi is located at:
5044 S. Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408